Lessons Learned

The advertising industry is constantly evolving and changing as the society around it changes and grows. Therefore it is important, that as a future part of the industry, to keep up with trends and news so that you can keep up with the changes and be successful. Taking classes can help keep a person up to date and ADV 378 is one such course. Through this course we are able to analyze and learn in order to expand our knowledge making us more valuable in the industry.

The first thing I learned in this course is that the Hispanic culture is something to watch and speak to. It is becoming more important than ever for advertisers to recognize that they can no longer speak to everyone in the same way. The hispanic culture is becoming the new majority and therefore they need to be recognized by advertisers in their campaigns. Or at the very least they need to be considered as a target audience and then if they are appropriate for the campaign they need to be spoken to directly, rather than part of a larger audience.

Then it needs to be considered that individuals within the Hispanic culture are all different. This means that they need to be spoken too differently even within the culture. Advertisers can no longer afford to generalize messages, but instead they must look deep into cultures in order to determine how to speak to them. For example, with regards to the Hispanic culture there are various levels of acculturation, which determine how one would speak to that target audience.

So once the specifics are determined in a campaign the last thing that needs to be done is continual research. With technology increasing it has become a daily task to research consumers in order to understand them better. We have to get a full picture of psychographic and demographic information in order to target the consumer better. Pop culture must also be researched in order to keep up with the times and understand what the best method of communication is to reach the consumer using new technology.

Overall, the main point is that with so much changing daily nowadays advertisers must do constant research. Also, they cannot afford to ignore the hispanic culture.


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Job Wanted

As far as looking for a job using social media, I feel that LinkedIn would be the best place to start. This is due to the fact that so many companies today already use LinkedIn as part of their employment process. For example, Carat USA, a firm specializing in media planning and buying, sends individuals looking for employment to their company LinkedIn page to see a list of all the jobs that are currently available with them.

I found the following job post, using the instructions given on Carat’s careers page, clicking through to their LinkedIn profile:

Assistant Media Planner


The Assistant Media Planner assists in the planning, implementing and maintaining of media campaigns across multiple channels.  As an entry level position, the Assistant Media Planner position represents the start of a media career and is highly supervised by a Media Planner.

This position is essential in the day-to-day tactical management of the media account and requires an individual that works well in a team-based, fast paced, detail-oriented environment.   While advanced Media thinking is not expected, the successful Assistant Media Planner is resourceful and demonstrates the initiative to participate in advanced projects. The Assistant Media Planner position is training-intensive. Aptitude for learning new skills (both technical and organic) and procedures is essential. The Assistant Media Planner is expected to be an active participant, increasing participation over time in the position. The Assistant Media Planner is also encouraged to contribute ideas and insights that will benefit our clients.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

Media Planning and Execution:

·         Utilize syndicated planning tools to run reports and aid in the development of insights

·         Run and maintain competitive spending reports, and execute baseline assessments of data

·         Gather information to be used in developing media plans, such as demographic profiles, media usage habits, and media costs

·         Assist with the preparation, development, execution, and monitoring of media plans for selected clients

·         Assist with the maintenance of flowcharts, monthly budgets, authorizations, delivery recaps, competitive analyses, and billing

·         Create and maintain records of plans, insertion orders, schedules, contracts, etc.

·         Reconcile billing discrepancies and process all invoices for payment

·         Assist in the evaluation of media opportunities

·         Field incoming phone calls from salesrepresentatives

·         Demonstrate multi-tasking ability, keep multiple projects on-track, structuring and executing work

·         Other responsibilities as needed; assembly of presentation materials, client binders, meeting setup and other administrative tasks

Client & Internal Relationships:

·         Support senior Planners in preparing and delivering work to clients and colleagues

·         Work with Billing department to confirm receipt of invoices and that invoices are correctly reconciled

·         Manages internal/client status reports

·         Attends all status meetings when appropriate

·         Manage relationships with external client vendors

·         May be responsible for informing buying staff/clients of new opportunities or issues

·         May participate and contribute in face-to-face client meetings

·         Engages with all work-related contacts in a professional & respectful manner

·         Possesses mature and professional business acumen in personal and written communications

Strategic Thinking & Leadership:

–         Keeps current with market research (industry periodicals, email newsletters, websites)

·         Demonstrates active listening skills and ability to apply learnings over time

·         Recognize potential issues and problems, know when to escalate and propose solutions, where possible

·         Takes clear ownership of assigned tasks

Communications Skills:

·         Expresses oneself clearly and concisely in oral communications

·         Writes in a clear, compelling and concise manner

·         Organizes ideas and information logically and sequentially

Desired Skills & Experience


·         Bachelor’s Degree

·         0-2 years industry experience

·         Strong math and analytical skills

·         Strong interest in and familiarity with media planning

·         Desire to learn about media planning

·         Advanced computer skills (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

·         Ability to learn server-based software and tools


Looking through this job description I would begin to form a plan of attack, in order to make sure that I sent in an application that stood out. First of all I would research the company so that in my cover letter and resume I showed knowledge of the company. Then I would start with editing my resume and I would make sure that the examples I use in my resume match skills listed in the job description. This is an important step to me due to the fact that it shows them that my skills match those that they are looking for in the job. Then for my cover letter I would summarize my skills, my knowledge of the company, and leadership qualities. I would also make sure to emphasize my contact information so that they can easily get in touch with me. The main thing I would do is to make sure in everything I send them there is knowledge not only about the company, but knowledge about the position I am applying for. If asked for I may even send in examples of my work.


Now with regards to what appears when I Google search my name, I am kind of at a disadvantage. Unfortunately I do not appear on the first page of the search results. That is because there are two famous celebrities with my name. The first is an Australian singer who was married to Russell Crowe and the other is an American actress. So a lot of the Google search results are tailored to information about them. However, in general I try to make sure anything I do online is professional so that nothing causes an embarrassment when trying to look for a job.

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The Tragedy of the Grammys







The Grammy’s had a dark cloud over them this year, as it was announced prior to the red carpet that Whitney Houston had passed away. A ceremony that is normal a celebration and lively event was transformed into a lackluster event that had one focus. The event that typically has the ability to bring together artists of various cultural backgrounds was determined to honor the tragic fall of a hero many of the artists had looked up to since they were little kids. Even the pre-show covering the red carpet arrivals focused on how artists were feeling about the passing of such an icon in the industry. The host LL Cool J, started the evening off with a prayer for Whitney, which seemed to set the tone of the evening.

The night continued and though there were winners and various performers, there was still the tone that someone was missing. Celebrities entered onto the stage and gave their thoughts about the events. Alicia Keys not only pointed out that the music industry had lost Whitney, but also Etta James. Then as Jennifer Hudson sang her tribute to her idol it was further confirmed that this was not the Grammys that one expects to see. The event that had seen Britney Spears dance with a snake, Beyonce and Prince duet, or Michael Jackson moonwalk, had a different tone to it. Sure Nicki Minaj performed an exorcism on stage and Adele swept her categories, but still everything about the Grammys this year had to do with Whitney. The news following the Grammys was filled with news of her life and tragic death and little was said about the winners and performers at the Grammys. Jennifer Hudson and LL Cool J were mentioned, but because they had given such moving tributes to Whitney Houston.

So in closing, the Grammys had been overshadowed by a tragic loss. Therefore the normal coverage regarding various cultures coming together to celebrate each other’s talent was nowhere to be seen. While there were tributes from various cultural backgrounds to Whitney Houston, it was not the same celebration of diversity within a talented industry.

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The Countdown

Social Media has become a necessary tool for entertainers to reach their fans. So the main question is which Latino entertainer is doing the best job of utilizing online tools for communication purposes? Let’s meet the top three contenders.

1. Shakira

Picture credited to india-server.com

This queen of online communication is able to speak to two different audiences throughout her various online profiles. She has both a Spanish and English version of her main website, as well as use of both languages in her other other online profiles. In total she has six online profiles which include her two main websites (English & Spanish), Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and MySpace. The following shows that even with the use of two languages, Shakira is effectively reaching her fans:

732,494 people talk about her page
46,868,213 people like her page


58,796,204 total music plays
24,809,163 profile views

25,340,587 total channel views
284,932,433 total upload views
274,867 total subscribers

2. Selena Gomez

Picture credited to selenamariegomez.net
Coming in at number two is Selena Gomez. This young latina uses online communication in order to let her fans into all aspects of her daily life. She has a total of seven online tools of communication with her fans. These include a personal website, Twitter, Facebook, two YouTube sites (Number 1, Number 2), MySpace, and Ustream. Now, while its easy for entertainers to simply create these online profiles its another thing to get the fans to actually access them. Selena Gomez definitely has the numbers to prove that she has been successful in reaching her fans. The following are various numbers from her online sites.
394,102 people talk about her page
27,205,478 people like her page
10, 458,391 followers
9,422,027 total music plays
1649 plays in one day
YouTube (combined totals):
39,587,790 total channel views
321,514,252 total upload views
1,345,714 total subscribers
1,341,312 live views
3. Jennifer Lopez
Photo credited to people.zapit.com
With increased exposure in 2012, Jennifer Lopez has been very visible in traditional media. That also can be said for her online presence. She has five forms of online communication tools which include a personal website, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. It can be expected with the exposure of American Idol, her online communication tools will receive more views as well. However, her online numbers are still strong as you can see below:
296,763 people talk about her page
9,805,386 people like her page
3,082,258 total channel views
87,547,219 total upload views
30,808 subscribers
30,746,660 total plays
2,112 plays in one day
12, 818,595 profile views
Overall, these three latina entertainers have mastered the skill of reaching their fans through online communications.
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The Advertising Bowl

Every year the Super Bowl has millions of eyes watching to see which team will come out in the end victorious. However, in recent years the commercials that are a part of the Super Bowl festivities have become more widely discussed than the game. This year was no different. While the chatter over the winning team has somewhat died down, the bigger discussion concerning the commercials that were shown is till going strong. So were these commercials successful or were they flops?

If you were to ask Dr. Felipe Korzenny, he would tell you they were flops, due to the fact that they seemed to completely forget about the Hispanic population. In reality though, I would pose the question back to him, are Hispanics even an appropriate target for the Super Bowl?

One study conducted by the Sports Business Journal, states that Hispanic households that speak Spanish typically watch soccer as their favorite type of sporting event. This is followed by mixed martial arts and wrestling. The study further states that Hispanic households that are more English-speaking, do watch NFL football, but that these tend to be younger viewers. Now while it is true that they are watching football, these younger viewers are not helpful to Super Bowl advertisers such as Budweiser and Career Builder, that are focusing on an older viewer.

Looking at last years Super Bowl, Nielsen showed that out of an overall audience of 111,441 (in thousands) only 10,042 (in thousands) of the viewers were Hispanic. This means that the Hispanic audience only made up 9% of the Super Bowl audience. These numbers show further that Hispanics are not paying attention to the Super Bowl. Therefore there is no real benefit to advertisers, who are paying millions for spots, to target a commercial towards an audience that is not watching.

Overall, I think the commercials were successful as far as targeting the right audience. While Dr. Felipe Korzenny, has a point that Hispanics should be considered as an audience for the event, when looking at the numbers they are not a primary group. Therefore, advertisers who are trying to spend their money successfully did well by focusing on the primary target for the Super Bowl.

If you missed the Super Bowl and would like to see the commercials that were shown check out Ad Age for coverage.

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Drum Roll Please!

Calling all Will Ferrell fans! The comedic actor will be returning to the big screen in his new film Casa de mi Padre. He began his rise to fame in 1995 as a cast member of Saturday Night Live. In 2002 he moved on to motion pictures, where we all became captivated by his unique sense of humor. Now, his new film will attempt to reach to main target groups.

Photo Courtesy of  igossip.com

The primary target group is going to be comprised of non-hispanic males between the ages of 20 and 50 years old. This may be a broad age group, but these are the groups that have become hooked on the actor at various stages in his career. The 40-50 year old age group will be those who fell in love with Will Ferrel during his Saturday Night Live days and have continued to support him throughout his career. These are educated adults who won’t necessarily see the movie in the theater, but will either rent or purchase the film later in order to get their Ferrell fix. The next group within this target is the 30-40 year old males that first became aware of Will Ferrell in Talladega Night: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. These fans are educated with families and therefore also expose their Children to Will Ferrell through the animated features he voices characters for. The final group within this target are those males that are between the ages of 20 and 30. These are college students and young professionals that buy into the type of humor that Will Ferrel uses in all of his films. They will have go to the theater itself to see the film as part of a guy’s night.

The next target that this film can reach are hispanic males between the ages of 20-30. This group are those that are more acculturated in American culture and therefore watch Will Ferrell movies with their friends. These are educated individuals that are a mix of students and young professionals. The men in this group are educated and either students or young professionals. Furthermore, they still have ties to their hispanic culture and speak both spanish and english. This movie will appeal to them because they can laugh about cultural references, but because of their emersion in American culture they also get the humor of Will Ferrell.

Overall, this movie is able to pull in both Will Ferrell’s loyal fan base and young hispanics to the movie theater. So, if you are in desperate need of some Ferrell humor, hit the theater and see Casa de mi Padre.

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The Great Sammy Sosa

Growing up in a family originally from the Chicago area meant two things, when it came to baseball: Chicago Cubs rule and White Sox drool. So naturally in being raised a Chicago Cubs fan, I became a fan of the one and only Sammy Sosa. Of course, when I say fan I mean of the pre-corked bat Sammy Sosa. The first time I watched Sammy Sosa in action was when I was eight years old. My grandfather was taking me to my first Chicago Cubs game and he had gotten us tickets right behind the Cubs’ dugout. It was also a great time to watch Sammy Sosa play due to the fact that this was the same year that he would battle Mark McGwire for the home-run record.

The setting was summer time and the Cubs were playing the San Francisco Giants. I was excited because I was going to my first Cubs game at Wrigley Field. The day started out at the Cubby Bear Lounge, which had numerous pictures of the Cubs’ players. My grandfather was telling me all about the players and more specifically he taught me about Sammy Sosa. To my grandfather Sosa was the player who was going to finally break the “curse of the billy goat.” After I was thoroughly prepared for the game, we made our way across to Wrigley. Being a little kid I was given a Sammy Sosa bobble head as I entered the stadium and we made our way to our seats. As I said before they were behind the dugout and I could see all the players my grandfather had been teaching me about. Then it happened! Sammy Sosa walked out from the dugout and I went running to get his autograph on my baseball I had gotten for just such a moment.  I ran back to my seat in a blur, to a little kid the day seemed magical. From singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” with Harry Caray, to Sosa leading his team to victory, I was hooked. From that point on Sosa was like a hero.

Now of course this all changed after the scandal of Sosa corking his bat, but Sosa and the Cubs will always be something that my grandfather and I share together.


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